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House Victimz – Victimized Vol 2 ep zip mp3 download 2022 free
Album Deep House

ALBUM: House Victimz – Victimized Vol 2

House Victimz – Victimized Vol 2 ep zip mp3 download 2022 free

House Victimz – Victimized Vol 2 ALBUM | Zip & MP3 Download 2022.

House Victimz – Victimized Vol 2 Album: South African music artist; House Victimz presents a new Deep House album project titled Victimized Vol 2.

The profound nature of a Deep House song can take someone to a memory level that could last for days. The combination of brass and flute sound added to a Deep House song will do even more. This is why it’s impossible to listen to a Deep House song and remain the same.

The 15-track Deep House album project was the epitome of entertainment that crushed the remaining doubts on whether other genres are better in terms of breezy. The project featured Brian Moshesh, Mr Stix, Lady Adiosoul, DJ Hloni, Brian Moshesh, Cristyle, SoulFreakah, Decency, Dvine Lopez, C-Black, Deep Essential, Dustinho, Fako, Mghanas, and The Godfathers Of Deep House.

Other excellent Deep House albums and EP projects that are topping charts in recent times include but are not limited to; Computermusician EP Zip Download by TimAdeep & Artwork Sounds.

Track List Below | MP3 Download

  1. House Victimz – Take It Easy (feat. Brian Moshesh & Mr Stix)
  2. House Victimz – Affection (feat. Lady Adiosoul, DJ Hloni & Brian Moshesh)
  3. House Victimz – Vela Ba Hleke (feat. Cristyle)
  4. House Victimz – Love, Peace and Happiness
  5. House Victimz & Dvine Brothers – However (feat. SoulFreakah & Decency)
  6. House Victimz – Let’s Dance (feat. Dvine Lopez)
  7. House Victimz, C-Black & Deep Essential – Woza Baba
  8. House Victimz – Believe (feat. Dustinho & Fako)
  9. House Victimz & Dustinho – Antidote
  10. House Victimz – Mixed Emotions
  11. House Victimz, Dustinho & Mghanas – I Need You
  12. House Victimz – The Upper Cut
  13. House Victimz – Spirit
  14. House Victimz – Thee Devil
  15. House Victimz & The Godfathers Of Deep House – The Cyborg

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