February 24, 2024

In Nigeria, gambling and sports betting have grown in popularity, especially among Nigerian youths

Looking at the legitimacy of gambling and sports betting it is well known that gambling in Nigeria is not well regulated. Although there is a gambling law in place, many illegal unregulated betting platforms operate in the country. The gambling laws in the country define lottery, land-based casinos and sports betting as legal forms of gambling. However, roulette, non-skilled card games, and dice games are illegal.Online betting is legal in Nigeria, partly owing to the country’s passion for sports, especially football. While some prefer to bet in the numerous land-based shops across the country, many punters have switched to wagering online.

Although some people see it as a harmless activity, gambling can actually be gainful or have very harmful effects on those who partake in it without control. Gambling/sports betting can bring fortune and also misfortune to it’s victor or victim

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Looking at the positive angle, gambling can make you rich over night if you’re fortunate to be on the winning side, but it also has its negative consequences on young people in Nigeria.

They include:

Addiction: from a psychological point of view, one of gambling’s most negative side effects is addiction. In this situation, a person is unable to stop engaging in a particular act despite the disastrous effects it has on their lives. It may involve devoting all of their resources to gambling, sidelining some productive engagements like a standing job or school lifel, or even engaging in negative vices to fuel and sustain the habbits

In Nigeria, gambling addiction is a severe problem that affects a lot of young people. Although the promise of quick cash can be alluring, the fact is that the vast majority of gamblers ultimately lose money. This may result in debt, money problems, and even bankruptcy. Gambling addiction can also cause people to neglect their physical and emotional health, which can result in a variety of health issues.

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Mental health related issues: sports betting/ gambling can have detrimental impacts on ones mental health. It can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety, sadness, and other issues. These issues may be made worse by the monetary issues that frequently arise from gambling.

In addition, the guilt and shame linked to gambling addiction can harm mental health. Addicts may feel guilty and ashamed about their actions, which can result in a variety of mental health issues.

Criminal activity: in a move to sustain the habbitnof gambling, the temptation of engaging criminal activity starts to play out. This includes robbery, dupping embezzlement, and theft. These actions can lead to greater problems; like going to jail or being a victim of jungle justice

Involving in crimes can have detrimental effects that last a lifetime for young individuals. A criminal record can make it difficult to get a job or a place to live, and it can even lead to discrimination and social stigma.

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Relationship issues: Issues in relationship: Gambling can bring about relationship issues, due to mistrust and declining human relations skills

Financial difficulties: For people who partake in gambling and sports betting, financial difficulties can arise quickly. Even while the promise of quick cash can be alluring, the vast majority of gamblers ultimately lose money. This may result in debt, money problems, and even bankruptcy.Gambling and sports betting can be especially harmful for young people. Many young individuals do not have a consistent source of income, which may make them more prone to financial issues. This may result in debt that is challenging to pay off and potentially a lifetime of financial hardships.

In a nutshell, gambling can m

ake you or mare you.

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