February 24, 2024

Effective communication is essential for satisfying sexual experiences as it allows partners to express their needs and desires. Nonetheless, some women may struggle with articulating what they enjoy or lack the expertise to suggest alternative methods.

A 2021 study published the findings from a national survey, carried out by University of Indiana in collaboration with OMGYES Research Group/For Goodness Sake. The research focused on thousands of American women and aimed to identify factors that enhance vaginal penetration for better sexual interaction between partners.

There are four methods to enhance sexual satisfaction.

Devon J. Hensel, PhD, an associate research professor at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis and Christiana von Hippel, ScD – a former OMGYES research scientist who is now serving as Meta’s (Facebook’s parent company) senior user experience researcher based in the San Francisco Bay area were among the authors of this study.

Following an international qualitative study, Drs. Hensel and von Hippel alongside their research team identified a consistent set of four techniques that were previously unnamed. The team proceeded to conduct a cross-sectional online survey on 3,017 women between the ages of 18 and 93 from across America to examine these techniques in greater detail.

According to von Hippel, “Our investigation delved deeper into the patterns in order to determine what percentage of women utilized each technique during vaginal penetration and assessed how these particular techniques affected their pleasure.” This essentially means that they examined which specific sexual maneuvers and approaches heightened the enjoyment experienced during vaginal intercourse.

To aid in identification and communication of preferred methods, the researchers provided descriptive names for each sexual technique.

87% of survey participants reported using the technique of angling their pelvis and hips to adjust the location where a sex toy or penis rubs inside the vagina during penetration. This involves rotating, raising, or lowering of these body parts.

69 percent of couples engage in the practice of simultaneously stimulating a woman’s clitoris with a finger or sex toy while penetrating her.

By remaining fully inserted in the vagina instead of thrusting back and forth, the base of a penis or sex toy can continually stimulate the clitoris during penetration – a technique commonly known as “rocking” that is often employed when women are on top. According to one survey respondent, this method’s appeal lies in undoing ingrained behaviors learned from watching pornography: “We had to retrain ourselves away from those rapid pumping movements we saw online…now both partners find our new approach much more satisfying.” (76% agreement)

Penetrating touch that remains close to the entrance of the vagina is known as shallow penetration. One individual stated: “I believe this region doesn’t receive enough recognition. I can achieve incredibly pleasurable sexual experiences with just an inch or less of penetration.” (84%)

The use of language to describe sexual techniques holds great power.

According to von Hippel, “Empowering and practical pleasure naming and techniques can give women the confidence to use them with their partners. It’s also crucial for discussions amongst friends about sexual experiences by enabling them to describe what they enjoy or ask for it assertively while gaining a sense of empowerment. Moreover, this promotes normalization as they acknowledge shared patterns among women.”

According to Von Hippel, using specific language when discussing sexual preferences allows for greater flexibility during a sexual encounter. This enables women to communicate their desires in real time as they may change throughout the experience or over time. By having access to a range of words and techniques, women are not limited by identifying with just one preference but can instead feel empowered to mix and match based on different contexts such as pairing or shallow movements at various ages. Overall, this approach allows for confident communication between partners creating an enjoyable intimate experience that meets both individual’s needs.

Women’s Sexual Pleasure Education Takes a Leap Forward

Upon learning of the new study, Lou Paget – a certified sex educator affiliated with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) – exclaimed “at last! It’s high time!”

Paget elaborated, stating that she has heard women discuss this topic during her seminars for years. However, there hasn’t been any clear direction on how it is done due to the majority of research focusing primarily on penile and vaginal responses in men.

If two partners are both females, they may also face a similar situation where they lack the communication skills to express their needs. However, this problem can be resolved by using specific words that help open up channels of honest conversation between them.

Partners can also gain knowledge about satisfying their significant other.

According to Paget, the most commonly asked question by men is how they can enhance their partner’s pleasure. She states that men are eager to satisfy their partners and derive more enjoyment from it when she experiences greater satisfaction. Providing easy-to-understand communication about a woman’s preferences also empowers them. Paget has published five books on sexuality which include Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them, and Keep Them Coming.

“Key to Sexual Pleasure is Clitoral Stimulation.”

According to Paget, the four techniques are interrelated as they all involve stimulating the clitoris simultaneously. It shouldn’t come as a surprise for women since vaginal penetration is not always gratifying whereas shallowing and rocking have been practiced by women for generations and lead them to reach great heights of pleasure. These activities make one feel full while being connected with their partner.

It is important for men to also be aware of this. Society and unrealistic pornography have provided them with misinformation, leading them to believe that women only experience pleasure through penetration. According to her, it’s crucial for men too understand the significance of clitoral stimulation.

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