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The Big Hash – 22
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The Big Hash – 22

The Big Hash – 22

The Big Hash – 22 | FREE MP3 Download 2022.

The Big Hash – 22: South African expert rapper; The Big Hash is showing up to the arena with his latest Hip-Hop/Rap song titled 22.

Hip-Hop is one of the oldest music concepts by the black communities living in the diaspora. It connected them together and gave the communities a way to convey their feelings to their oppressors. What started as a way of expressing feelings later turned into activism by most of the stars of the time. The Big Hash released the song “22” side by side with the music and video of the song “Solid“, making a solo effort to deliver a wonderful message to his fans in each of them while remembering some of the lost souls like Ricky and Jackson.

We love The Big Hash at KrugerMP3; he is among the best guys in the Hip-Hop industry and we love his vibe and style of music.

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LYRICS: The Big Hash – 22

Turning twenty-two today
Twenty-two years to the day
A king was born, not chosen
It was written in the milky way
Wrote this song for me
The me that’s looking back in window panes
The price we got today is not the same price from yesterday
Lil’ Biggy with the khaki uniform
The kid they used to call Shr*k
His ears were not the norm
The kid who wrote rhymes instead of finishing his work
‘Cause all he ever wanted was y’all to see him perform
Michael Jackson been his idol
He just died a year before
Saw that nigga hit the Moonwalk
Dxmn, he was in awe
That n*ggas was putting numbers on the board
His style was impeccable
That’s a different level couture
This’ for Lil’ Biggy
The one who couldn’t record
Flexing what he couldn’t afford
Man, he was a fraud
Told the n*ggas at school he had an elevator back at the crib
All them n*ggas were so appalled
We had to fake it to make
No point in faking it
We never had to fake it to make it
I’m just the first to say it
Hopping out of a spaceship, it’s kinda spacious
I hang with some baller n*ggas
I know a couple more out in Vegas
Young Biggy, B-I double G-Y
I came to have a good time
‘fore it’s twenty-five to life
The music, the lights
A n*gga tryna take my shine
Then South side knock him out
With a left, right
We lost Dimplez, we lost Riky, we lost Citi
Making up for the time lost, this my city
Nine times out of ten n*ggas counted me out
Cutting me down, colour me blind
N*ggas out to get me
I want the top of the totem pole
I’m tryna drop the top with a bad b*tch and her friend
Get her on the phone
Hell yeah, it’s my birthday
Eight years ’till I’m thirty
Look at you now, Biggy you all grown
My head high living out my imagination
Heard some n*ggas have said I got way too many limitations
Put that all on mankind
Never been to graduation but I went to school high
That’s a higher education
Came from nada with no papa
Still poppin’ big time
Yeah, my only wish is I could shake my d*mons off
The hill is a steep climb
Take my fortunes like my clothes
Everything is by design


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