June 19, 2024

While technical skills are undoubtedly important, it’s critical to recognize that soft skills carry even greater weight. You could be well-versed in Kubernetes and DevOps but still find yourself struggling to secure or maintain employment if you fail to connect with co-workers; being tech-savvy won’t guarantee success on its own. For those leading a business, nurturing these relational abilities among your technology team is key as well.

In the upcoming year, tech professionals ought to work on cultivating certain soft skills.

Creativity and innovation.

Creativity will be the most sought-after soft skill by organizations in 2023, according to IDC’s Future of Work Global Survey conducted last year. As per the survey results, businesses prioritize hiring or developing this skill above others and almost half (51%) plan to acquire such employees within a year and a half.

Regardless of your profession, a resourceful individual who can devise innovative solutions or enhance procedures is invaluable. If you tend to adhere to regular routines and fail to suggest remedies during meetings, it may be beneficial for you to pinpoint areas where enhancement is possible and cultivate unconventional thinking skills. In case you’re a manager, consider enrolling your team in training programs that teach techniques for creative problem-solving.

2. Collaborating across different departments or areas of expertise

Although working within one’s own function is effortless, collaborating with individuals outside of it necessitates proficiency. Those who can work cooperatively across functions can undertake bigger endeavors and establish excellent internal connections – a quality that management does not overlook.

Effective communication skills are crucial in achieving success, and it is an essential part of the process. Inability to communicate your progress or requirements will not just affect you but also impact important stakeholders. If articulating your work becomes a challenge, then enhancing your communication ability should be as much a priority as developing technical expertise. Fortunately, several courses exist that can help individuals improve teamwork efficiency by sharing information better while communicating confidently without involving activities such as trust falls.

3. Skills in analysis

Having the ability to analyze and think critically is a significant advantage in the tech industry. It allows you to ask pertinent questions, avoid making assumptions, and effectively identify problems. Failing to utilize critical thinking can leave you vulnerable to unforeseen issues that require explanation later on – often revealing solutions that were obvious with hindsight. Although most university degree programs place emphasis on developing these skills as an initial step; non-academic courses also exist for those seeking practical training while actively employed in their field of work.

Empathy is number 4.

Having empathy is advantageous in all types of occupations and career routes, particularly when showcasing your ability to lead. One doesn’t have to hold a managerial position in order to be a leader since leadership involves making the decision to guide others. Being a leader entails comprehending concerns and predicaments from someone else’s perspective.

To advance in your career or become a more effective leader, focus on developing empathetic leadership abilities. Consider taking courses that specifically hone your capacity to cultivate genuine workplace connections both face-to-face and online.

Continuous learning is the fifth key concept.

Life-long learners catch the attention of employers as they consistently bring novel ideas to discussions. Their contributions may range from information regarding a recently released product or service, proficiency in an up-to-date language or technique, and industry guidance that is gained over time. These types of individuals are perceived by organizations as akin to exceptional wine- only improving with age.

According to the 2022 State of Upskilling report from Pluralsight, individuals with extensive experience and tenure in the technology sector exhibited lower levels of confidence towards their ability to perform their job or equivalent tasks within a span of three years. This can be attributed partly to the constantly changing technological landscape, underscoring how critical continuous learning is for success- particularly among developers.

Resourcefulness and adaptability are the sixth characteristic.

The tech industry suffered greatly in 2022, with numerous layoffs and hiring restrictions implemented across all sectors. Consequently, companies are actively seeking individuals capable of devising innovative solutions under tight budgetary constraints to address any challenges that arise. This entails avoiding the common response “that’s impossible” and instead pausing to assess if a unique method can achieve success – even if it deviates from traditional approaches. While IQ and EQ ratings are well-known concepts, some organizations now prioritize Adaptability Quotients (AQ), which measure one’s ability to excel when confronted with unexpected circumstances.

In conclusion, make sure to include soft skills on your or your team’s list of important considerations.

Enhancing your soft skills may present a challenge as you ponder about the right starting point. Is it simply being more pleasant or putting in extra effort? For managers, it’s an even greater obstacle because motivating one’s team towards improving such intangible qualities is much trickier than attaining further qualifications.

Luckily, you don’t have to tackle it solo as there are avenues towards triumph at your disposal. We suggest exploring Pluralsight’s educational progression: Nurturing Soft Skills for Present-day Workforce which consumes twelve hours and encompasses all the soft skills mentioned earlier. You’re not obliged to complete it in one go – instead, feel free to pick specific courses that cater peculiarly to your shortcomings or customize them according to a group of people. Another section featured is Introduction To Leadership And Management For Developers which could benefit those looking forward towards career progressions.

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